Sunday, 31 August 2014

I&E Bazaar - Positions and Duties

Shifts for Kinect Games:
Shift 1 ( 9am - 10am )
Shift 2 ( 10am - 11am )
Shift 3 ( 11am - 12am )
Chief Executive Officer
Julian [ 1 ]
Ryan [ 1 ]
Marketing Manager
Thomas [ 1 ]
Tony [ 1 ]
Tony [ 2 ]
Finance Manager
Daryl [ 1 ]
Russell [ 2 ]
Operations Manager
Russell [ 1 ]
Thomas [ 2 ]
Production Manager
Danial [ 1 ]
Desmond [ 1 ]
Desmond [ 2 ]

Shifts for Instant Photo Booth :
Shift 1 ( 9am - 10am )
Shift 2 ( 10am - 11am )
Shift 3 ( 11am - 12am )
Chief Executive Officer
Haady [ 1 ]
Grace [ 1 ]
Aniksha [ 2 ]
Marketing Manager
Sai [ 1 ]
Clarie [ 2 ]
Sai [ 2 ]
Finance Manager
Aniksha [ 1 ]
Reese [ 1 ]
Reese [ 2 ]
Operations Manager
Jordan [ 1 ]
Grace [ 2 ]
Production Manager
Clarie [ 1 ]
Jordan [ 2 ]
Haady [ 2 ]

Shifts for Food:
Shift 1 ( 9am - 10am )
Shift 2 ( 10am - 11am )
Shift 3 ( 11am - 12am )
Chief Executive Officer
Roid [ 1 ]
Roid [ 2 ]
Marketing Manager
Ai’man [ 1 ]
Ai’man [ 2 ]
Finance Manager
Daryl [ 2 ]
Ryan [ 2 ]
Operations Manager
Shaun [ 1 ]
Shaun [ 2 ]
Production Manager
Kai Jie
Eldrick [ 1 ]

Monday, 14 July 2014

Financial Statement 1

Financial Statement 1

Please access the link below.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

New Term, New Semester

So Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the new term/ semester.

This week's homework is not a lot. Here is what you have to do by next Monday:

 - By the 7th July, you all should have edited your videos according to the feedback given to your groups by Ms Choo respectively.
 - Also please make sure your Business Feasibility Plan (BFP) is up to date, according to everything taught to you in Semester 1.

That's all for this week, have a Happy Youth Day and a happy weekend!

Your I&E Rep,

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Deadline for Submission of Commercial/Advertisement

Dear students,

Please note that the deadline for submission of the Commercial/Advertisement video is 18 July 2014 (Friday, Term 3 Week 3).  Please submit your work on time.

Please also note the following penalties for late submissions:

1) For late submissions between 19 July 2014 to 26 June 2014 (inclusive), there will be a penalty of 1 grade for each criterion in the rubrics.

2) For late submissions on or after 27 June 2014, your work will be scored with the lowest grade for each criterion in the rubrics.

Thank You.

Mr Jerome Tan

Monday, 14 April 2014

Announcement 15/4

Hi guys,

So here is what we did in class today:
We went through all the Ps and three groups presented about Product and Pricing.
Please update your BFPs according to what has been presented by the three groups, as well as what Mr Tan went through in class.

Have a nice day.

Marketing Strategy 4

Marketing Strategy 3

Monday, 7 April 2014

Announcement 8/4

Hello Class,
So today we talked about the different kinds of products.
Please do the following by the next lesson:
- Finish up all the 3Ps
- Read up the slides that Mr Tan was unable to go through in class
- Please update your BFPs as we go along in class

If you do not update the BFPs, prepare for the worst. And also you'll get the whole class in trouble, so yeah, not a very good idea.

It's due next lesson so we have the whole week to do it, no excuses.


Tony, NyiNyi, Eldrick and Vernen

Business Feasibility Plan

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Announcement 10/3/14

Hi class,
Here is what we are supposed to do after today's lesson:
- Update your business plan according to what was gone through in class today
- Include your survey analysis in your business plan.
Have a nice day

2014 Business Feasibility Plan Four

I&E Business Feasibility Plan

Sunday, 2 March 2014


NyiNyi, Vernen, Tony and Eldrick

Announcement 3/3/14

Hi Guys,

So here's what we did today:
Thomas' group, my group, and Julian's group presented in todays class.
Mr Tan also went through the BFP's of the groups, please make sure you update your BFP.

After today's lesson, post it up on the I&E Blog. You can either edit the BFP post and add the link there, or a new post. 

Have a nice day :D


Company Private and Public

Done by: Daryl, Christian, Russell

Sole Proprietorship Presentation


Members: Julian, Haady, Kai Jie, Shaun

Limited partnership! Aniksha, ai'man and Grace

Click Here :D

BFP - Haady, Shaun, Julian, Kai Jie

Business feasibility Plan

Business Feasibility Plan

Eldrick, Vernen, NyiNyi, Tony

Business Feasibility Plan

Here is our BFP

Done By Desmond, Ryan, Josiah and Roid

Feasibility Plan

Done by Daryl, Christian and Russell

Business feasibility plan(Thomas, Micah, Danial)

Done by Thomas, Micah and Danial

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Work to be done

Hi Guys,

So as Mr Tan said in class today, here are the following things to do :

- You should be able to get responses by next monday LATEST. We're already behind time.
- One of the group member, preferably the group leader, put up your business feasibility plan on this blog. Also, as Mr Tan goes through what we need to do, please update the plan accordingly.
- As Mr Tan has assigned, present a brief summary of the part of the video, shouldn't be more than 2 minutes.
- Complete the vision and mission part for the BFP.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

I&E Finalised Groupings

Hey guys,

So here are the very final groupings for I&E.

Group 1
Kai Jie

Group 2
Nyi Nyi

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

Group 7