Sunday, 9 March 2014

Announcement 10/3/14

Hi class,
Here is what we are supposed to do after today's lesson:
- Update your business plan according to what was gone through in class today
- Include your survey analysis in your business plan.
Have a nice day

2014 Business Feasibility Plan Four

I&E Business Feasibility Plan

Sunday, 2 March 2014


NyiNyi, Vernen, Tony and Eldrick

Announcement 3/3/14

Hi Guys,

So here's what we did today:
Thomas' group, my group, and Julian's group presented in todays class.
Mr Tan also went through the BFP's of the groups, please make sure you update your BFP.

After today's lesson, post it up on the I&E Blog. You can either edit the BFP post and add the link there, or a new post. 

Have a nice day :D


Company Private and Public

Done by: Daryl, Christian, Russell

Sole Proprietorship Presentation


Members: Julian, Haady, Kai Jie, Shaun

Limited partnership! Aniksha, ai'man and Grace

Click Here :D

BFP - Haady, Shaun, Julian, Kai Jie

Business feasibility Plan

Business Feasibility Plan

Eldrick, Vernen, NyiNyi, Tony

Business Feasibility Plan

Here is our BFP

Done By Desmond, Ryan, Josiah and Roid

Feasibility Plan

Done by Daryl, Christian and Russell

Business feasibility plan(Thomas, Micah, Danial)

Done by Thomas, Micah and Danial